DairyVisor Pro

DairyVisor has been helping dairy market participants manage market volatility in their businesses since 2006. Market Advisor’s support client relationships in the “DairyVisor Pro” program by providing:

  • Market risk assessments
  • Strategy concept development
  • Specific position recommendations
  • Follow through execution using cash contracts and futures markets
  • Regular client communication to update clients on current market conditions

“DairyVisor Pro” clients have full access to “DairyVisor Data” and “DairyVisor Margin”. This is a personalized comprehensive program developed to provide the dairy industry with information, tools, and expertise to support critical commodity specific marketing decisions.    

Client benefits include:

  • More control over financial destiny
  • Someone to monitor the markets while you focus on production
  • Resources and tools to make well informed decisions
  • Decisions based on individual client situations
  • Emotional discipline through the decision making process
  • In depth commodity research and analysis

DairyVisor brings years of commodity price management experience to “DairyVisor Pro” client relationships.  


If you have an interest in learning more about DairyVisor services, give us a call at 320-634-3771 to schedule a meeting or complete our contact form.


Why choose DairyVisor?

Managing market volatility in the dairy industry can be difficult if the process is not supported with quality informational resources, and trading experience. DairyVisor strives to simplify this process for clients by:

  • Interpreting pertinent fundamental market information, and delivering it in an easy to understand format with “DairyVisor Data”.
  • Monitoring forward profitability using the “DairyVisor Margin” software.
  • Assisting “DairyVisor Pro” clients with strategy development and follow through execution, using cash and futures contracts.

It is a common practice in the dairy industry to monitor forward profitability based on “Margin Over Feed Cost” futures based calculations. Although this provides a generic benchmark for the industry, it does not accurately reflect individual business profitability. DairyVisor understands the importance of integrating local cash feed markets and regional milk pricing into the profit equation, and feel this is what sets our services apart from other firms.