Most producers know their historic production costs and net operating margin, but find it challenging to monitor projected forward profitability in a live market view. “DVMargin” was developed to simplify this process for large scale grain and dairy operations. This highly customizable user friendly web based margin monitoring software uses the following inputs to project individual farm situations:

  • Variable cash expenses
  • Individual pen rations
  • Estimated crop and milk production
  • Term debt service obligations
  • Projected grain and milk basis
  • Cash and futures positions traded

Local cash feed and grain market data is pulled into the software and updated daily to provide the user with a live view of the farms projected enterprise profitability.

“DVMargin” uses current futures and options prices to calculate open trade position equity, and project forward margins. This allows management to monitor the projected financial situation of their business as markets move.

A quick glimpse of the DVi "Margin Monitor" graph is helpful to the decision making process. With this information at your fingertips, marketing decisions can be made with a better understanding of the trading risk associated with them.

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When aligned around shared values, and united in a common mission, ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary results!

  • Operate with integrity in all of our dealings.
  • Meet and exceed customer expectations.
  • Provide value to the customer. 

The competitive nature of agriculture is forcing managers to get better and better just to stay in business. Our vision is to provide products and services that help market participants remain the best in the business.  

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Our Primary Focus

Although DairyVisor Inc. is a guaranteed Introducing Broker clearing through ADM Investor Services, our primary focus is supporting the hedging process, from the physical to the financial outcome.

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