DairyVisor Data

Dairy market participants looking for a one stop source of market information need to look no further. “DairyVisor Data” was developed to deliver market quotes, news, weather, and analysis in a user friendly web based format to the dairy industry. Market data is interpreted using:

  • Market commentary
  • Graphical illustrations
  • Historical and seasonal price comparisons
  • Technical analysis

In-depth research and analysis covers the primary price drivers of the milk, feed, and grain markets. Information is organized into sections covering:

  • Milk and dairy products production, sales, and inventory data
  • Feed and grain production, sales, and inventory data
  • Government reports
  • International markets
  • Commodity price information, including historic data

“DairyVisor Data” strives to be the number one source of comprehensive market information for the dairy industry.


If you have an interest in learning more about DairyVisor services, give us a call at 320-634-3771 to schedule a meeting or complete our contact form.


Why choose DairyVisor?

Managing market volatility in the dairy industry can be difficult if the process is not supported with quality informational resources, and trading experience. DairyVisor strives to simplify this process for clients by:

  • Interpreting pertinent fundamental market information, and delivering it in an easy to understand format with “DairyVisor Data”.
  • Monitoring forward profitability using the “DairyVisor Margin” software.
  • Assisting “DairyVisor Pro” clients with strategy development and follow through execution, using cash and futures contracts.

It is a common practice in the dairy industry to monitor forward profitability based on “Margin Over Feed Cost” futures based calculations. Although this provides a generic benchmark for the industry, it does not accurately reflect individual business profitability. DairyVisor understands the importance of integrating local cash feed markets and regional milk pricing into the profit equation, and feel this is what sets our services apart from other firms.